Polymers offer enormous opportunities towards newer applications in several technologically important areas. There is a great necessity to have an integral approach towards a complementary relationship of polymers with their performance. These polymeric materials have shown multidirectional growth in several areas of technological innovations, which range from biomedical polymers to the fascinating field of smart materials. A precise understanding of the molecular architecture and its role in governing physical characteristics is extremely useful to understand their applications. The world of polymers is fascinating and requires a great deal of interaction and discussion among the scientific community working in the field of polymer science and technology.

This conference on polymers is proposed to exchange information on new dimensions in different application areas. Asian Polymer Association (APA) is a professional society dedicated to the science of polymers at the international level. It offers a creative platform for the people working in polymer domain. APA in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India, is organizing this conference to address the priorities and to formulate the action plan to face the challenges ahead. The conference would be dedicated to polymer science and technology with an extensive interaction among academicians, researchers, technologists and policy planners. A special feature of this event is the Student Conclave for the benefit for our young generation. We are sure that APA-2014 conference at New Delhi, India would provide us the required impetus in generating polymer resources for the future. On behalf of APA and IIT Delhi, we would like to extend our invitation for your participation in this event at New Delhi.


Bhuvanesh Gupta
Conference Chair